Friday, March 20, 2015


Meet Pixie.

I prefer to call her Pissy for reasons you can imagine. When we lost our Golden Retriever, Riley, 5 years ago, we researched Wheaton Terriers and found a breeder on Martha's Vineyard that was soon to have a litter of "sweetie wheaties" and gave her our deposit. I should have known from the get go that she'd be a handful. She cried the entire way home and peed in her bed every single night. (I know. I KNOW! Dogs aren't supposed to pee in their bed) She ate glass ornaments that first Christmas. She continually eats the cat food, which makes her sick. Chews on shoes. She jumps on people. Gets into the garbage. She's OCD. And eats underwear, leggings, etc. etc. etc. Plain and simple, she's a bad girl.

But, look at that face. 
Got me thinking. There's so much goodness!

She always has a great attitude.
She greets everyone with enthusiasm.
She loves to explore.
Loyalty is a virtue that comes naturally to her.
She protects her family.
She always acts like herself...good and the bad.
And, lucky for us, her love is unconditional.

The good far outweighs the naughty.

Bryan is her favorite though. They actually spoon every night on the couch watching TV.

xo Christy

(btw...I'm a bad girl, too. I have a lot I can learn from Pixie and thank God for friends who cut me slack!)

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